About us

GIS in Numbers

To present further detail about GIS and its operations, we display some highlights of the results registered in 2018.

Consolidated revenues

PS. 17,585 MILLS.

Net Income

PS. 693 MILLS.


PS. 2,321 MILLS.


PS. 1.98 MILLS.


PS. 692 MILLS.

Shareholders’ Equity

PS. 12,121 MILLS.

Our Team

By the end of 2018, we had added the talent of 8,335 employees.


We currently operate within 25 plants (15 in the auto part division, 5 for ceramic tiles, 4 in the housewares division and 1 in water heaters) located in different cities within 6 countries: Mexico, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy and China.

Strong portfolio of products and lasting relationships with our customers