Corporate governance


GIS’s Board of directors has constituted three committees:

  • Governance Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Finance Committee

These committees have been founded in order to look after the shareholders’ interest and to achieve the best practices.

Governance Committee

This Committee’s major responsibilities include evaluating and compensating the Top Management.

Governance Committee
Francisco Garza Egloff* **
Luis Arizpe Jiménez*
Claudio X. González Laporte*

*Independent according to the Mexican Securities Market Law

Audit Committee

This Committee has the role of reviewing the progress and results of the internal audit program and reviewing the verdict of the External Auditors about the consolidated Financial Statements of the Company.

Audit Committee
Luis Arizpe Jiménez* **
Eugenio Clariond Reyes*
José Manuel Canal Hernando*
Lorena Cárdenas Costas*

*Independent according to the Mexican Securities Market Law

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee issues recommendations to The Board of Directors over strategic investments, acquisitions and divestitures.

Finance Committee
Fernando Chico Pardo*
Alejandro Dávila López
Guillermo Elizondo López
Fernando López Alanís
Ernesto López de Nigris
Juan Carlos López Villarreal
Manuel Rivera Garza*

*Independent, as required by the Mexican Securities Market Law.

As well as the Governance Committee, Audit Committee and the Finance Committee, GIS runs the following Committees, constituted by Company’s executives in order to optimize the business’ performance:

  • Integrity Committees
  • Risk & Treasury Management Committee
  • Supply Committee

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